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Founded in May 2018, award-winning Expert Apps has been identified as one of the fastest growing tech companies of 2019, featured in Forbes Magazine, Business Desk, Business Cloud and Liverpool Echo, to name but a few. Expert Apps has demonstrated sheer determination to be the best at what they do, by providing solutions to problems that others have just accepted as a way of life.

It’s a journey, not just a product.

Together, We Create.

With over 45 industry leaders adopting our technology in the first 12 months, together, we have created some outstanding brands.

Together, We Innovate.

Innovating is our strength and passion. From the beginning, we create beautiful and seamless technology, day in, day out.

Together, We Thrive.

We hold your hand all the way on your journey to integrating an app to support and grow your business.

Happy licence holders

Our core values are trust, integrity and communcation. 


The Enterprise platform.

Your own-branded app.

Choose from our tried and tested features and define your bespoke branding for your very own app, which is submitted on both iOS and Android. We’ll get you live in the app stores in no time. From then on in, it’s your community, your data and your space.

✅ iOS and Android

✅ Hyper Engage Push Notifications

✅ Groups

✅ Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Integration

✅ Much more…

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Our technology.

Your applytics™

At Expert Apps we have found a way to reach possibilities and solve problems that others accept as a fact of life. Technology is one of the most powerful commodities available to us, and the data that an app can produce is as valuable as gold dust in the right hands.

Ask yourself one question: Why are global social media companies floated on the stock market worth billions? Data. Data. Data.

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Our Mastermind & Mentorship.

Your Results.

We are world-class at developing solutions to problems. Our mastermind group is full of licence holders with a commitment and willingness to grow together. Our creative team, led by founder and CEO Darren Galvin, listens intently to industry problems voiced during masterminds and innovation meetings and takes these to development meetings — where genuine solutions are born.

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We take care of the technology,
so you can focus on your business.


We take care of general maintenance, providing you with a viable, functional, user-friendly app that is built for longevity.

Tech Support

With Expert Apps, your fixed monthly service fee covers the cost of the tech— including 24-hour server support.

Regular Enhancements

We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines.

Privacy & Compliance

We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data; It's all completely tied up our end.

What's going on in the Expert Apps world?

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You Are Invited To Demo Our Technology!

At Expert Apps, we fully understand that getting involved in a new exciting app opportunity is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, we would like to invite you to demo our technology, where you will also learn about how our technology can skyrocket your business or brand.

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