We’re passionate about helping businesses and individuals who have an amazing app idea but just don’t know how to get started. Therefore, we have created the three biggest tips for getting started.

#1 – Don’t just invest in an app ‘because it’s cool’

Technology is a pretty cool piece of kit, but don’t just get an app ‘because it’s cool’ – It will just gather dust and be left dormant. One of our favourite analogy’s at Expert Apps is ‘Most mobile apps are treated like a filing cabinet’ – they often get developed and left to gather dust. Be willing to work hard, invest both time and money and treat it like your new born baby.

A great way to prevent this is to update your mobile app regularly. From experience, the sweet spot is to send Apple and Google your security and technological advances on a weekly basis. All of our vertical licenced apps are updated every Friday at 4PM.

#2 – Have a clear goal and vision

Never go into mobile app ideas blind. Have a clear goal and vision at the for-front of your mind, think about the following:

  1. Where do you see the app being in 12-24 months time?
  2. How do you visualise your app idea impacting others?
  3. How can you maximise the number of lives this app will change?

We have a powerful blueprint that helps our Licence holders define their vision and goals, it’s the perfect formula to balance technology with life-long goals.

#3 – Don’t expect immediate monetisation 

Monetisation manifests in different forms over a period of time. So many people take for granted the power of reputation, offline product up-sells and in app purchases.

Our Vertical Licence Holders follow a strict 24-month monetisation plan. This plan is designed, created and structured using our proven blueprints that get results.