5 Ways to Supercharge your Coaching Business With Expert Apps in 2020
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5 Ways to Supercharge your Coaching Business With Expert Apps

The Expert Apps Solution

Has your coaching business hit a bit of a dead end?

  • Are you finding yourself being pulled in all directions with no real purpose?
  • Have your sales and customers flattened out because there just aren’t enough hours in the day?
  • Do you find it difficult to embrace new technologies that your customers demand?

If you’ve answered a resounding “YES!” to any (or all) of the questions above, it’s time to discover how Expert Apps can help transform your business.

With the possible exception of National Express we’re confident that our platform can have an immediate positive impact on all types of progressive, forward thinking coaching businesses.

We’ve come up with innovative solutions that will smash through your frustrations and open up a world of exciting opportunities!
Expert Apps will empower you to succeed and help future proof your brand. It will put you in the enviable position to dominate your industry.

So, let’s crack on and see how we can help supercharge your business.

#1 TIME: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day”

Expert Apps is all about streamlining your business performance and making sure that you’re offering the best service you can to the most people you can.

It allows you to create a 24/7 version of yourself and your brand. You’ll increase your availability to serve your customers and attract new ones without compromising on quality.

You’re always there. Delivering “Palm Based Solutions” for each and every one of your clients.

Save time now, start for free.

#2 FINDING NEW CUSTOMERS: “I haven’t got the time or resources to bring new customers on board”

Automation will free up your valuable time so you can focus on growing your business.

You’ll be able to set up automated content delivery, grant access to your information and courses and even showcase your library of knowledge-based video.

The Expert Apps platform will be your 24/7 sales and marketing funnel that will even handle the often time consuming on-boarding of new customers.

Find new customers now, start for free.

#3 I’M THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE: “I don’t feel that I offer anything different”

Being different can make a massive difference in business. Taking chances, being innovative, pushing the boundaries. Being an early adopter can set your business apart from anyone else.

By creating your own mobile app in your own unique and personalised way you’ll be way ahead of your competition. Your brand, your way! An innovator in your industry!

Who else can offer this type of accessible and adaptable platform to their customers?

Get ahead of the curve, start now for free.

#4 WHAT? WHEN? HOW?: “I want to help my clients more but don’t know how”

Expert Apps doubles down on this. We know how powerful communication can be. At the same time, we know how powerful customer data can be too.

Data creates the ability to offer personal solutions. It empowers customer to experience your app their own way – this is an extremely powerful way to retain customers. Give them exactly what they want.

A customer prefers to learn visually? No problem, they can view your video content.

A potential customer has a question about your coaching? Quickly and easily react to queries with one-to-one communication on your app or automated responses to FAQs.

You need to see who interacts and engages with different content? Easily analyse your live data and confidently over-deliver valuable and purposeful content.

You want to build a lively community that engages and collaborates? Use your own app based social network to create an environment of information sharing and learning that you control.

We help you manage more clients, start for free now.

#5 TECHNOLOGY & TRENDS ARE LEAVING ME BEHIND: “I’m never sure where my potential customers are or how I should speak to them”

It’s always difficult to know where your potential customers are. You can join a Facebook group or you can piggy back of someone else’s email list BUT you’re never in control of your destiny.

Mr. Zuckerberg feels no obligation towards your customers, but you should.

If your customers know you value them enough to invite and welcome them into your app.

Technology and trends change! Luckily Expert Apps changes with them (and sometimes before!)
Our app can take your clients away from the constant noise of online marketing, the intrusive emails and the opinionated trolls of social media.

You can create your own, peaceful app-based utopia!

The future success of customer marketing and sales will be about getting your message heard.

Utilise technology like your competitors, start for free now.

Expert Apps will help you become the loudest voice in the quietest room.

Ok, so we tried to keep this to 5 (I suppose we could have just changed the title!) but we didn’t want to leave the money maker out! By that we mean, the one about making money….

#6 BONUS: I STILL HAVE BILLS TO PAY: “If I lose a few customers then I might be in trouble”

Cash flow and driving revenue will always be at the heart of any business. This is as true for a small, local business as it is for a multi-billion-pound corporations. (Though Mr. Bezos may not worry as much as the rest of us!)

Expert Apps’ innovative app platform is built by a team that are passionate in driving the long-term success of every single client we are fortunate enough to work with.

At its heart it is designed to streamline your business. It’s focused to provide you with the tools and technology to save you and your business time and money.
AND MAKE MONEY TOO……we got there in the end!

To help increase your existing income as well as creating alternative revenue streams Expert Apps will allow you to:

  • Provide access to paid courses
  • Facilitate other in-app purchases
  • Create membership only content and resources
  • Set up different subscription models
  • Sell additional products and services* (coming soon!)
  • We know every business is different. Why not be different in a game changing way?

If you can recognise how even one or two of the powerful capabilities of out platform could help skyrocket your business we’d really like to help.

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