Work hard or work smart.

You may have heard me say, I believe there is a fundamental difference between an app and an app business.

Many people come up with ‘APP IDEAS’ often believing they are on to the next best thing, but the reality it will be an idea thought of by many.

Execution is the key, so this is why I am of the strong opinion that if you are going to develop an app, you must not look at it like buying an off the shelf mail-order product that will be ready out of the box.  

Imagine if you were to give your app a shelf life.  With today’s ever-evolving technology how long do you think it will last in an ‘out of the box state’?

If you want to build a truly successful app then build an app business, how do you do this though without a technical background?  

This is precisely why Expert Apps is not an app development company, instead, we are an app licencing company.  We build, maintain, manage and support our client’s apps and hold our licence holders’ hands throughout their journey.

When you team up with Expert Apps, you do not have to deal with the headaches of an out of the box solution, to give you just some idea of what this looks like..

  • Servers going down, apps are offline
  • Member of staff has an issue
  • New legalisation has been introduced and massive changes are required i.e GDPR
  • There has been a software update, your code needs tweaking.
  • Something in your app is not working, it needs rethinking
  • Analytics are required for success – How Much!!
  • You are getting busy, you need a server upgrade – Where do you start!!

You can work Harder, or you can work Smarter. Licence an app via Expert Apps, now that is the S.M.A.R.T way.


You pay a one-off licence fee, and for a small monthly commitment and a cut of profits, we develop your app and mentor you on your path to success.