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Back Scratching 101: Could your customers be worth up to an additional £1800?

Modern business owners are hungry for success and many start-up and SME businesses follow a pre-determined formula with their marketing.

Buy a domain, get a website and some social media accounts, now go forth and spread your message to the world.

There is no denying that these methods work and works well. However, the next step for a lot of new businesses often means that their long-term strategies stutter, falter or even fail. Technology changes things and customer demands and expectation go hand in hand with innovation.

Next step, next generation business growth will be driven by mobile technology and mobile apps.

Have a quick look at your current clients, your existing email marketing list or even your close business friends and contacts. Each one could be worth £1800 to you.

  • How many of your customers have asked if you develop apps and unfortunately, you’ve had to turn them away?
  • How much more could you offer to your current and future customers if you could offer this tremendously lucrative and value adding service?
  • How much income are you potentially turning away from your own business bottom line?

The biggest misconceptions in the mobile app development industry are that it’s too expensive and too time consuming! Far too many businesses are leaving their customers wanting and money on the table due to these misconceptions.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s true that you can spend 6 figures and 6 months developing the app to end all apps BUT to the majority of SMEs (that make up over 95% of the UK business industry) it’s not a viable growth strategy.

BUT, that’s not to say that the right app, on the right app platform, with the right support and the right technology can’t be a powerful marketing tool for a business.

If you have an app creation platform that is accessible, affordable and has the ability to be personalised to support and drive a brand forwards then it’s a different story. That’s our story.

The Expert Apps platform embraces technology and innovation with a focus on growth. We’re looking for trusted partners to benefit from introducing their customers to us when they reach out for mobile app development.

Next time a customer asks, you’ll never have to say no again!

Before we get to the juicy bits about what’s in it for you, let’s briefly shout about the benefits for your customers going forwards in their development.

App development ticks so many boxes, what’s not to love? It’s almost a no brainer sales pitch for any business with growth and longevity plans!

Demand: Mobile app demand isn’t slowing down. The 24/7, instant gratification consumer isn’t going away. They’re becoming more demanding for answers, assistance and advice all in the palm of their hand.

Barriers of Entry: Two of the biggest pain points for any business are a lack of time and money. The barriers for entry into the mobile app industry are falling, actually we’re doing our bit to pretty much smash them down.

Adding Value: At its very core an app is a ‘natural progression’ business tool. How a customer chooses to use it can be tailored to their own unique direction and business ideas. It can be powerful next generation marketing, it can be a sales driver, a lead generator or even a customer service portal. Apps aren’t one size fits all. The flexible Expert Apps technology ensures that customers can develop their app, their way!

Measure your Success: Any successful app utilises its own data to improve and add more value to its user base. ‘Modern’ marketing strategies can suffer or underperform as you often never really own your customer data. Each and every time you spend on social media marketing you are essentially paying to borrow data and then return it to be used again by someone else. An app gives you ownership of your customer data and adds an insanely powerful 24/7 customer feedback loop to your business.

Brand Growth and Consistency: An app delivers consistency across platforms and devices. When all your marketing efforts combine with consistent branding and messaging it’s a massive boost for your brand. It’s promotes trust, it promotes industry leadership and it promotes the ultimate recognition and controlled growth of your brand

Technology waits for no-one: Technology is changing, evolving and innovating more now than perhaps ever before in history. A business can’t afford to stand still or it will very quickly be left behind. Expert Apps takes 2 steps forward and forgets to take the 1 step backwards every day!

Our Partners (concentrate, this is your bit!):

First things first. This is not an affiliate scheme. We don’t want thousands of cold leads feeding into our system and wasting valuable time and resources. That benefits no-one.

There’s no complicated coding or tracking software, just trust and mutual respect.

Simplicity drives success.

We want to get into the business bed with the best people and we don’t want to kiss anymore frogs!

This is a partnership that we hope will build and prosper over the years. Our emphasis is on quality not quantity.

To be blunt, we’re looking for red hot leads. If you’ve had a customer enquiry for app development that you can’t help with, we want that name and number. If you can build ‘app development’ into your own customer journey strategy then we can help facilitate this added strength in your outstanding business proposition.

Clearly for this joint venture to work we need to nurture that lead into being a client. Luckily, we’re pretty good at that. When we succeed, we’ll reward you. A typical referral payment will be £1800.

That’s up to £1800, per new client you refer to us.

So, how much more closely are you looking at your current clients, your existing email marketing list and your close business friends and contacts now?

So, why Partner with Us?

We talk a lot here at Expert Apps HQ about the ‘Goldilocks Principle.’

Essentially, we recognise and appreciate that our innovative growth app platform isn’t for everyone BUT we firmly believe we are ‘just right’ for thousands of businesses. They just don’t know it yet.

This is where we need your help, your knowledge and your existing, growth driven customers eager and excited to take their businesses to the next level.

We’re NOT a 6 figure, 6-month solution.

We know how valuable your time is so we won’t waste it.

For you there’s no risk and potentially some great rewards.


There’re no gatekeepers here. If you call us and ask to speak to Darren or Danny, the 2 founders of Expert Apps, they’ll get on the phone and chat. There’s no drawbridge or crocodiles in the moat either.

If you think this could be an opportunity too good to miss then get in touch.

Let’s work together and embrace this opportunity to help as many businesses as we can, together.

We look forward to working with you soon and building a successful relationship to the point when we’ll never kick each other out of bed!

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