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The cost of maintaining an app business is a turn-off to many potential investors … but I have good news; there is a way. Developers The primary costs will be your developers. Without these, you have no app business. Your app business will require a full-time developer, and we highly recommend this person is in-house, […]

Work hard or work smart. You may have heard me say, I believe there is a fundamental difference between an app and an app business. Many people come up with ‘APP IDEAS’ often believing they are on to the next best thing, but the reality it will be an idea thought of by many. Execution […]

The cost of an app is a very interesting topic. There are so many variables, so I am going to deep-dive into the topic of app-build costs. Let’s start with quality. Just as it does anywhere else, quality determines the price of an app. I like to categorise app development into three levels: Basic – […]

The great thing about the app business is there is not a single line of monetisation possibilities, there are a multitude of ways to earn handsomely from having your own app. I am going to deep dive in to this topic so lets get started. 1. Email Lists When it comes to email marketing, there […]

The above statement is the talk of today, mobile apps and technology is the future. With the new evolution in technological advances such as AI, automation and chatbots, there is no better time to claim that mobile apps are the future. 180 Billion Mobile App Downloads Worldwide 3.5 BILLION Active MOBILE Social Media Users Worldwide […]

Danny is our Founding Managing Director at Expert Apps. Internally known as the ‘logic’ – the man behind the scenes that keeps the cogs turning and the garden watered. Darren – the CEO, is the front of the business. Leading the way in production, he is driving the business forward at supersonic speed! Vertical is the […]

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