11 Easy Action Tips for Attracting your Ideal Customer in 2020
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11 Easy Action Tips for Attracting your Ideal Customer in 2020

If you are looking to attract your ideal customer and grow your expert business, this article is for you.

Before I deep dive into this topic, I will give you some background.

January 20th 2020 at 20:20 sees the launch of our Expert Apps partner program, and we are paying a promotional £2,020 instead of the usual £1,766 per sign up. 

It was a conversation with one of our new partners that led me to write this article. Once he heard expert apps are paying 40% commissions ongoing, he was excited and wanted some tips on how to earn his first £2,020. 

Tip 1: – Drip Feed ‘Your Story’

Tapping into your story will help you realise why you are doing what you do, but will also help you convey this sentiment to others.

The partner mentioned above had a bumpy 2019, was strapped financially, he has tried other affiliate programs which have fallen flat, but they were also only paying him pennies, and he had spent more time on the project than they paid out.

He is a complete contrast to some other partners that are making a healthy living from different affiliate programs and just want to add another quality product to their portfolio.

Everyone is unique; It is your story and the way you tell it that will make you stand out. To form an emotional bond with people that have no idea who you are, they need to know why they should listen to you. Share the struggles you faced on your journey. What have you learnt? What failures have you suffered and what lessons have you taken from this that you can share?

In his case, he can talk about his previous experience with affiliate programs, and that he is proud to be part of ours, which not only pays dividends, but the service is second to none. He knows this to be accurate as he uses the technology himself and has been a client for over a year.

Here is an example of my story, which was written some months ago for a press release. 

 Expert Apps founding CEO Darren Galvin Darren father of 5, left school with no qualifications at only 15 years old, was always a hard worker, from 8 years old he was washing neighbours cars, doing paper rounds and any odd jobs, once of age he was working for agencies in multiple factories, at 15 years old he even slipped in a few shifts working the bins in central London.

He first ventured into business in 2008 and struggled for ten years living on less than minimum wage, his obsession with the company led him to neglect his family, which resulted in a marriage breakdown. As he sat night after night wallowing in self-pity in a room in a shared house, he remained broken until he found coaches and mentors and shifted his minimum wage and self-deprecating mindset.

 Putting the past in the past, Darren set out with Founding Managing Director Danny Webster to create Expert Apps, within the first year trading the company was featured in Forbes, saw a turnover of 262k and then went on to attract public funding of a further £255k and a company valuation of 6.8m. 

Darren used to suffer from his confidence he describes pounding in his heart as he would raise his hand in a networking meeting to do an elevator pitch. Once again Darren worked with coaches and mentors and last year he was speaking on stages of 400+ audience members in 2020 he is booked to MC an event of similar numbers.

Darren worked on his relationship, got his marriage back on track and moved back to his family home after ten months apart. 

You see, Darren immersed himself into the expert space and in doing so saw many gaps in the market that were slowing coaches and mentors down, and preventing them from attracting serving and earning.

Not only did Darren and his team have the technological know-how, but he also possesses an innate ability to find, innovate and produce solutions to problems, his team describe these attribute as ‘Elon Musk Syndrome.’

Expert Apps is truly changing lives, but Darren still feels pain daily as he knows others are suffering in need the help of the industry experts and he knows his app technology can help the experts grow to enable them to serve the demand and find and build their ideal customer base.

While the business has seen rapid growth, there is a message he wishes to send globally. Darren realised he could not do it alone so has created a partner program awarding partners with insane amounts of commission for conversions which stem from merely inviting their audience to the Expert Apps Webinar to learn more about their offering.

Why and how to tell your story

From observation, those owning and telling their story are ‘smashing it’ in comparison to those merely getting by.

During 2020, I predict the rise of digestible chunk storytelling from within your own space; I do not only predict it; I am going to make it happen. Biographies and on-stage stories will still have their place but as we evolve and there is so much noise its significant to share your story over time without the distractions of others.

It is also vital to recognise that your story is yours, and to some, it can be like watching other persons holiday videos, or maybe cute pictures of their pets or children, unless of course, perhaps you have visited that same destination, or the child has a likeness to your own, it’s much the same with your content, life throws us all curveballs, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be others that can relate to your story, which opens the door to empathy and is a pathway to relationships so share parts of your story that will connect with others.

At Expert Apps, we highly encourage our app licence holders (clients) to take the drip-feed approach. You would not expect to download an app from one of our coaches or mentors and see a content piece called ‘my story’ instead our clients will share this with you over time, maybe sometimes indirectly via their video courses, quizzes, or their challenges.

Your story 

Just find it dig deep maybe even write it out when you have it just keep in in the forefront of your mind so that you can drip it out over time for your audience to hear, think of it like puzzle pieces that are slotting together to make up the full you. Occasionally you will have a platform such as a stage, and you will offer more pieces but for now, just let the pieces flow a bit at a time so your audience can start to see the picture that is growing in front of them.

Tip 2: – Attract your ideal customer to one place 

There are mixed views on this topic,

Some will say focus on one channel and build it up. Others will say diversify across multiple platforms; I personally hold the view that the days of focusing on one channel are gone, it is essential to reach your ideal customer from various networks.

If you wouldn’t mind, I would I now throw a third innovative solution into the mix.

When it comes to serving a said audience that should be in one place, it should be your place. Yes, I am talking about your own app, a place branded to your identity and allows you to serve your clients in ways that were never possible before, but this does not mean neglecting your other audiences, help them too and let all of those channels feed through your app network. We have done the hard work, all you need to do is tell us which channels you would like within your app, and they will be made available to your app users.

Tip 3: Understand the power of DATA 

*Go Digital* stop giving out paper forms and booklets at events, for your delegates to fill out and take home to add to their sock drawer while taking no action. When someone asks for your business card, swap numbers there and then, or better still ask them to download your app. 

Data is the key to growth; you want as much of it as you can physically get your hands on during 2020.

If you want more of your ideal customer, then understanding the data is vital. During 2019 it was always possible to target audiences on social media include valuable data such as

  • Personal Characteristics – Age, Gender, Location, family status, income and education.
  • Their role – what companies do they work for, what position are they in

There was some data that you are never granted access to as it’s just too valuable, well that stops now. With your social networking app, you own the data also.

Not only will you understand the above, and have access to the data rather than just targeting it, you should also be able to identify.

Values and goals – What do they stand for? there is no point marketing a Ferrari retreat to an audience that would have better satisfaction serving starving children in Africa and visa Versa

Pain Points – What are your prospects struggling with, that you have the solution?

No longer should you just know how many views you got on your content and the duration your videos and podcasts were engaged with, now with your app you can see precisely who is engaging with your content.

Tip 4: Remove your ideal customer from the ‘World of Distractions’

Social media is growing at a rapid rate, both in user numbers and platforms. I recently took part in a vision board workshop with the fantastic Melanie Moore, and I loved it, but boy did I get distracted, as I would watch one part of the program. I was getting Christmas messages, engaging in posts that were not serving me and in the end, I was lagging behind. I was getting lost between social posts and struggling to keep up.

I would love to be able to give you a non-bias write up here and offer you an alternative for keeping your clients away from the distractions, but I can’t.

Clients such as Kul Mahay recognised this challenge late 2019 and grew his community within his app ‘ignite your inner potential’. As a result, his audience has taken part in his program, utilised his mediation audio tracks to the tune of 1428 hours, and he has attracted more people to his events.

Tommy G – is another, check out his video on his previous posts.

Tip 5: Produce, Produce, Produce 

You have buckets of content within you that your ideal customer is waiting to hear, your audience needs you to demonstrate.

Experience /Expertise They want to know that the person they are seeking has the Expertise to change their life

 Social proof – They want to hear from someone else, about their experience.

Expectations – They seek a result 

Your content should demonstrate a solution to metrics that can be measured examples include 

  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased profitability

Also, throw in a few Intangible but impactful benefits:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved relationships
  • Less stress, 
  • Better health 


Tip 6: Understand your ideal customer lifetime value 

To many, this would appear a ‘no brainer’ but If I asked you to put a customer lifetime value (CLTV) to your ideal client and the CLTV right now what number would you give me?

My client base is predominantly industry experts, coaches and mentors, the fee they charge for their services ranges from 3k-30k per annum, so let us pick a middle ground. Let’s assume the ideal client is worth 12k per year to you.

How long do you expect that customer to stay with you, if this number is less than three years, keep your eyes peeled for our next article titled “How to serve your customers in 2020 “as that will soon change. Shall we say three years for argument’s sake? That increases your CLTV to 12 x3 = £36k

In the life span of a customer, one would expect at least one referral of another ideal customer once a year, right? So, there is another £108k + the referrals they will bring

Imagine being able to track this, maybe you have spoken at a networking meeting, and as a result, five people downloaded your app, and from those five people 2 became clients of your highest ticket item, and they went on to refer two more of your ideal customer. How useful would it be for you to know the exact amount of revenue you generated from that talk and many more besides.

Step into my head for a moment. Back in 2017, I was following an influencer by the name of Rob Moore, he was speaking at an event called Expert Empires. I attended the event due to him speaking on stage. I later went on to spend over 100k on my personal development with Nick James and his partner Matthew Elwell.

 I wondered how useful it would be for the company to be able to track how much Rob Moore’s attendance was worth to them, in my spend, my referrals and others alike. 

Well, now it is possible, with our events module being rolled out in March 2020. Coincidently another event Rob Moore will be speaking at called DoqaruCon, a global energy conference facilitated by one of my app clients Doqaru.

So now not only will my clients know their CLTV, they will have a greater understanding of how much their invested time and money is worth to them.

It’s critical to get to grips with the CLTV in its full entirety as this will enable you to invest in your growth and in turn, attract more people.

Tip 7: Observe the masses and do the opposite 

I had massive learning in 2019, a jumped on the band wagon of Black Friday, like many I left it until last minute and it will ill-planned out, I threw a deal together which was not congruent with me and our company values. As a result, we got zero sales that day — a lesson for next year.

Tip 8: – Run Challenges & Contests

You have a lot to tell your audience but not all at once, within the plans module, you can create plans, challenges, experiences you can call it whatever you would like the principle is the same.

Utilise push notifications, as these are the most potent attention grabber of 2020 and beyond allowing you to engage with your ideal customer throughout crucial points of the day without even physically being there.

You can add video content, posts, even podcast episodes or YouTube videos, and you can invite your audience to take part in reflective learning exercises.

If you are not using your app, still do them utilise social media, while much of the above is not as easy and organised, you can still achieve a result.

TIP 9 – Just do it – worry about the rest later on 

It is Christmas holidays, and at the time of writing, my office is closed so I have no access to my proofreaders, or article writers, so guess what, I did it myself. Yes, that boy that left school at 15 is capable of writing his own articles. I know the grammar police may have been out by now, and fair play to them for being so conscientious, I have no anguish towards them, only admiration. However, if I sat on this article any longer the words would have escaped me mand January 20th would have long passed.

Tip 10 – Engage with your ideal customer and audience 

I cover this topic much more in the next instalment to this article which is all about serving your ideal customer in 2020; however, it’s critical to attracting customers, so I will share a little now.

I paint a vision in my mind of a pond, and in that pond are lots of little tadpoles swimming around, some are turning in to beautiful frogs sooner than others, but they are in the pond, my pond, not someone else’s, giving me a chance to show them who I am and why I am the right choice for their business. 

Expert apps clients use this to grow their business as the apps are their pond; I will explain more on this later on.

Tip 11: Affiliate programs 

Ok, so this I am no expert on however I have carried out a lot of research on affiliate programs before launching our own. The critical success driver I see is, be prepared to offer insane commissions, hence why we are paying 40%. And do not offer people one-off payments, that is boring and not an incentive at all, people want to see passive income, they will give your program much more attention if they know its ongoing revenue. Its too early for me to advise, however, I intend to write an article of this nature every year, and in doing so, I wanted to record the history of our journey to finding 47 new partners.

If you like the sound of making at least £2,020 this January 20th then please do apply to our partner program by messaging me

If you are just the slightest bit curious about how an app can transform your business, then get yourself booked on to our next webinar here. 

If neither applies to you, then please be a love and share this article to help me in my mission to reach experts on a global level, allowing them to serve those in need. 

Final thought:

If you are reading this article fretting about having too many customers after implementing some of the advice, then make sure you follow my social pages. The next article will be focusing on serving the clients, with a VIRTUAL version of you, that does not even need to be present! 

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