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How to Create An App For Your Business in 2020

Mobile apps are changing the expert game, period. So let’s dive into why we think you should definitely create an app for your business, and not only that, but build it so it’s profitable too.

Why Create an App For Your Business?

Many top businesses are regularly investing on their own branded mobile apps in iOS and Android to leverage the power of mobile notifications and enhancing customer engagement. But you’re probably wondering why that’s relevant, right?

An app for your business has the potential for a massive ROI (return on investment). How? When you have your own app for your brand, three VERY important things happen:

  1. You create a much deeper connection with your customers
  2. You get better results for your customers
  3. You communicate with potential customers in a much more simplistic way

Your ideal clients pay for better results, which means that when the three conditions are met, you can charge more money for your content, memberships, courses and services, all because of your app.

It get’s even better. You’ll see even more people joining you and exploring your brand.

It’s a double WIN; you can increase your prices AND grow faster at the same time, and that’s just for starters!

Start the process of creating an app for your business now.

The Truth About Bespoke App Development

It’s common understanding that the only way to create an app for your business today is to work with a software development company who will design, develop and quality test a bespoke solution for you. 

Typically, these software companies have a sales team in the UK and development team in countries that have a high technical talent and low cost of living (India, Russia or Estonia).

Until Expert Apps, using a software development company to create an app for your business was the only way to get a mobile app into the app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). 

While this route can deliver an app for your business, there are some negative consequences that come with it. Here are just a few of the challenges bespoke app development faces:

It’s really risky. The concept of designing and creating your own app for your business is really fun, we totally agree. But it’s not a place for amateurs – It’s really difficult. 

There are a mass of disciplines to come with creating your own app such as UX (user experience), MEE (mobile experience engineering) and database engineering, and that’s just the basics. 

Trying to design a product for the first time with very little experience, and working with a software development company is the pathway to building a product that may or may not get adopted. 

It’s so expensive. With bespoke app development, especially when you’re looking to be in all mobile stores, the cost for creating your own app can be anywhere from £100,000 to over £500,000 or more depending on the complexity. 

The cost doesn’t stop there! The prices outlined above is just for initial development. Once you launch the app to the world and people start to use it, that’s when the real cost occurs. You will find bugs and issues that need to be fixed and explore new features that users want to you didn’t even plan for. 

At that stage, you have to assign a ‘maintenance’ budget to continuously improve the app.

It’s a looooooong process. But why is it so expensive to create your own app for your business? The reason is because when starting from scratch, it’s a very time consuming process. Especially when the software development company’s team are in different time zones and may or may not be in experienced with UX or MEE.

This fundamental dynamic is mature for miscommunication and mistakes (and we’re speaking from personal experience). 

As you can see, bespoke app development has created a huge demand for new players to offer a better solution, at a fraction of the cost. 

And that’s exactly what’s happened with the appearance of ‘customisable app development’.

Avoid the risks and start the process of creating an app for your business

There’s a Better Way: Introducing The Expert Apps Way – Customisable App Development

The Expert Apps way to create an app for your business is to use ‘customisable app development’. The app is already built ready for you, all you have to do is:

  1. Add your visuals and branding colours
  2. Choose which features suit your brand best
  3. Drop in your content, events, courses and much more
  4. Decide how the user will process through your app (free or paid)

With customisable app development you still have the huge scope of features without the requirement of expensive, time-consuming and risky bespoke app development.

And the best part? It’s the fraction of the cost of bespoke app development and typically takes no more than six weeks to launch your brand into the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

There’s a handful of platforms offering customisable app development (Led by Expert Apps with our Growth plan), it’s the obvious solution for businesses who know they need an app to grow their business but are also adept enough to completely avoid the risks of bespoke app development. 

How Much Does It Cost to Create An App?

Where bespoke app development costs can easily escalated to £500,000 upwards, customisable app development ranges from £6,000-£15,000 per year- a small fraction of the price, and for the same if not better results. 

Plus, you avoid the ‘maintenance’ costs too. 

It’s now possible and profitable for expert businesses to have their own app for their brand!

Are you ready to create your own app?

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