How to Slash Ad Costs & Boost Customer Retention with a Branded App
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How to Slash Ad Spend and Skyrocket Customer Retention

Are you struggling to personalise and differentiate your marketing message and slash ad costs?

Are you looking for an automated customer onboarding and engagement technology that delivers increased and consistent ROI?

It’s increasingly difficult to be heard in an always on digital environment. It’s even harder to keep your existing customers happy whilst searching for new ones too!

Existing customers and potential clients are hungry for knowledge and expertise and it’s important to adopt a value driven approach to gaining and retaining the trust in your brand.

Ever changing consumer behaviour requires a flexibility to be active and reactive to the specific needs and challenges of individuals. Providing the right content to the right people at the right time is essential for retention
and growth.

But how do you add much needed personalisation to your marketing message without losing its overall impact.

As Seth Godin famously advised:

“If you market to everyone, you market to no-one.”

The tried and tested methods are losing traction; hungrily and relentlessly swallowing marketing spend! It’s time to slash ad costs.

So, what’s the solution?

Keep trying the old methods?

  • Increase your PPC spend and cross your fingers?
  • Level up the audience size of your targeted ad spend and hope to attract a buyer from the ‘infinite scroll’ social media world?
  • Double the frequency of your emails to your opt-in list hoping to stand out in the over-populated inboxes of buyers and decision makers?

Unfortunately, budget spend continues to be ploughed into ‘old school’ marketing methods that aren’t keeping pace with rapidly changing customer behaviour and spending trends.

People want answers; they want information; they want to buy. And they want to do it NOW!

YOU need to be the go-to brand to fulfil the needs of these intent driven consumers.

So, here’s the solution!

Embrace evolving technology, save time and resources, slash ad costs and laser target your ongoing marketing messages to your ideal customers.

The time has come to invest in a branded company app with Expert Apps.

Facebook groups are great and have their advantages. BUT your own app gives you control of your message, control of your audience and the ability to personalise and laser target your marketing.

Start marketing to the customers that want to listen, that want to embrace your content, your knowledge and your services. Customers that are engaged with you, your brand messages and your visions.

CEO, Darren Galvin, commented, “Expert Apps are helping new and established businesses to grow at astonishing rates. Our technology delivers the marketing forces of attention and retention together in one place. It’s a very powerful and exciting combination for businesses.”

Growth is fuelled by bespoke, customisable apps; turbo powered by live customer data, that can deliver the entire multimedia digital sales and marketing portfolio that a company has to offer.

All in one place. On the smart phones and in the palms of your customers hands.

It’s an accessible, 24/7 sales and marketing tool that empowers customers to define and own their own personal learning and buying journeys.

How does it work?

Expert Apps have designed and developed a user friendly, intuitive framework that has been proven to deliver results.

It’s designed for early adopters, market leaders, out of the box thinkers and results driven marketing mavericks!

We’ve tweaked the UX, binned the things that don’t work and fine-tuned the things that do!

Our bespoke, module-based platform provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly platform to populate with your sales and marketing assets.

The user interface is designed to help you hit the ground running with your new branded marketing tool

It’s ready to be tailored to the exact specifications of your brand. Your message, your way!

How will a branded app from Expert Apps help me?

Just for starters it will:

  • Drive up return on investment and slash ad costs
  • Deliver highly personalised messages and push notifications
  • Allow you to communicate directly with your customers
  • Utilise your own internal customer data to dictate content and messaging
  • Control a user’s journey through your app
  • Create different levels of ‘gated’ content
  • Allow access to the complete library of digital resources
  • Break free of the over populated inboxes of customers
  • Automate the selling of products, services, courses and high value programmes and delivery of valuable content
  • Free up time and resources
  • Create an environment to nurture prospects and deliver outstanding value that encourages conversion
  • Streamline the time intensive onboarding of new customers
  • Gather live customer app data; by continuing to learn you’ll continue to earn
  • Being reactive and pro-active to your customer needs
  • Create a closer relationship of trust with you and your customers
  • Keep on populating the vital, constant customer feedback loop
  • Grow and develop as your company grows
  • Be immediately shareable and downloadable for iOS and Android devices

What will it not do?

  • Cost you thousands of pounds in updates and developments every month
  • Take 6 months to design and develop
  • Lose impetus, focus and usability from being developed outside of the UK
  • Stop evolving, improving, experimenting and innovating

Expert Apps are determined to help companies succeed. We work with you to help you grow.

With our bespoke, cutting edge app technology and your invaluable expertise, we can drive your marketing strategy forward and achieve outstanding long-term results for your business.

So, are you ready to start driving your company forward and crush your competition?

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