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Is email marketing dead? It’s most definitely endangered

I predict a 10-year life span for emails as a whole. but 24 months life for email marketing and client communications.

I predict a 10-year life span for emails. 

24 months of life for email marketing and client communications.  

It is my firm belief that by 2022 Expert Business will feel a stabbing in the heart from their email communication efforts. 

I am not telling you anything new; you know this, right? Just look at your email open rates now, and compare them to 10 years prior. 

Maybe you have tried, chatbots, instant messenger, and you will have certainly seen an increase in your engagement, but even those numbers are dropping. 

Industry Experts, coaches, consultants, mentors, authors, podcasters & speakers.

Your place for engagement must be your place.

Yes, I am talking about an app, but, before we discuss apps, forget about that, for one moment. 

Imagine you could bring everyone to your home, but let’s take this image one step further, imagine there is no concept of space.

An image representing a Queue of people to stimiluate thinking.

Now imagine you could let thousands or even tens of thousands of people into your home at once, and they all communicated with each other, and every time you had something to share with them they heard every word. 

No matter what they were doing, they always saw your message and heard your voice, however, for some reason they did not all do as you asked. 

Now we take this image one step further again.

Now imagine still in your house, you learned more about your visitors, so much so that you were able to separate them into rooms, based on their behaviour’s interests so that when you spoke your message, they listened and acted on your words.

You may be thinking there is no way I would bring prospects and clients into my home, alas, you do not need to. 

That home we speak of is your virtual home where the virtual version of you is on hand to serve everyone; the real you can go and live life on your terms. 

An image of a virtual futuristic person to demonstrate the power of a virtual you

Our clients don’t need to rely on emails to get people’s attention, 

And as a result, Expert Apps has an average open rate of 88%, and I am going to share with you why.

Expert Apps is your virtual home. Its clean, tidy and everything works as it should. A place you can invite everyone, a place your visitors can put their feet up and relax and socialise with others, they can learn from each other and all the fantastic digital media you have left for them to consume. Including reading articles, listening to podcasts, watching videos, or consuming education. 

The virtual version of you can guide users through any challenges, with accountability and progress tracking. 

You will create a community that will make themselves at home.

The virtual version of you will climb into bed with them; they will take you to the toilet; they will invite their friends to join them. 

When you wish to communicate with them, this is how you will get results. 

How to get 88% open rates without email marketing

Step1: Decide if you wish to send the message to all users, or segment by interests.

Step 2: Inject a message into their in-app instant message inbox

 (this will instantly send them a notification to their mobile device) 

Step 3: If they have not opened it, send a reminder notification (at a time they like to receive notifications) as a quick nudge. 

Step 4: If they are still not ready to embrace push notifications, and like the old school emails, then send them an email to alert them to the message. 

BONUS: If you are still struggling, then this works a gem. Send an utterly unrelated push notification about a topic that will interest them in giving them a nudge to revisit the app, and they will be greeted by your unread message. 

Oh, and here is the excellent news, you can automate all of this with Expert Apps if you wish.

So, is this really the end of email marketing? Only time will tell.

If you don’t have an app and you wish to create a virtual home that you own, which helps you understand your users, and see their behaviours enabling you to serve them at the highest level possible this year, then get in touch.

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