Why Do Apps Make Us Feel Good? Whether it’s a quicker route home, a chance to connect with friends or a way to unwind after a hectic day; there is an app for everything. What’s more, all of these apps serve the purpose of improving our daily lives, whether its saving time or staying social. […]

In this article, we outline some benefits and examples of EIS tax relief, but please that Expert Apps is not authorised to give tax advice, and what applies to you will depend on your individual circumstances, so please be sure to get independent tax advice. EIS Tax Relief is the Enterprise Investment Scheme which is […]

Goodbox Founded in 2016 by Andrew O’Brien (CEO) and Francesca Hodgson (COO), GoodBox combines 4 crucial elements – hardware, software, payments and big data – to provide a fully integrated technology-based donation solution. GoodBox allows charities to capitalise on how we technologically organise our money today. Goodbox has funded £6.5M to date, spread over 3 […]

Let’s deep dive into what we look for when we invest in Seedrs campaigns. Crowdfunding into tech companies can be very rewarding, and likewise, it could be a complete waste of money if you pick the wrong one. Since building Expert Apps, both Danny and Darren now invest in tech crowd funds too, we are […]

Looking back on Seedrs’ achievements from last year, it is clear to see that in the year of 2019 they are going to exceed their achievements from 2018, from having a 60% increase in investment from 2017 to 2018, you can only begin to imagine the further increase in 2019. Being named the “Most Trusted” […]

We’re Starting Our Crowdfunding Campaign Very Soon! You may have heard recently that we’re soon to be launching the pre-registration for our first round of crowdfunding, together with Seedrs, one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding platforms. We aim to generate our first round of investment and continue to grow the amazing company that we have created […]

1. Will your campaign be EIS! Answer: YES Explained: The first scheme, the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), is designed to encourage investment in qualifying early-stage growth-focused companies by providing investors with up to 30% of their investment back in income tax relief. Plus investors can defer up to 50% Capital Gains Tax until after the […]

Reinforcing your brand image through technology plays a pivotal role in making any business succeed. Brand ‘equity’ is the perception your customers and clients have of your products and services based on what they consciously think of your brand. Large companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are considered to have very high brand equity. […]

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