The true maintenance costs

I have touched on this subject before in a previous article, but I feel it is worth reiterating as it’s critical to get this right: if you do not maintain your app you will be kicked out of the stores.

Think of it as a luxury static caravan on a campsite: if you let it fall into disrepair, you will be asked to leave. No one will want to stay in your caravan, and all that money you invested in what could have been an amazing venture will just be whittled away to nothing.

OS updates are constantly taking place, and you will always find minor bugs even if you spent 6-7 figures on your app and have a full development team. For general maintenance, you need to allow a minimum budget of £500, but to keep ahead of the competition you will need a full-time £3,000–£5,000 per month budget in order to maintain a viable, functional, user-friendly app that is built for longevity.

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