Push Notifications: Why Every Business Needs to Push to Embrace Them
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Push Notifications: Why Businesses need to adapt and embrace them TODAY!

Using Push Notifications to stay ahead of the curve

As with any powerful technology, push notifications can soon become a nuisance when not operated correctly. You only need to look at the use of drones in 2018/19, a magnificent invention but caused much upset as operators were ill-trained on how to use them safely.

Push notifications are no different; there are guidelines you must follow; otherwise, you will become another nuisance.  

A mobile app with push notifications can efficiently help you expand your business and gain new loyal customers; equally, they can have the opposite effect leading to uninstalls.

There is a simple solution, get educated, and that is where Expert Apps comes in. 

Before we deep dive into the types of push notifications and how to use them to engage your audience, let’s start with their intended purpose.

Push notifications are designed as a nudge to remind users of your business or inviting them to act.

In this article, I am going to cover 5 top tips on how to make push notifications work for you in 2020.

What Can Push Notifications Do for You?

Tip 1: Segmentation is your top priority

Who is the push notification for; you or them? 

Often as businesses, we can think about the message we want to get out and the benefit it will have to us before considering that of the recipient. Before sending a push notification, ask yourself if you were the receiver of this message would you be evoking a positive reaction.

Who is the push notification for, them or them?

You had to double take on that title right?. Well, there was a reason for it, so often people send a push notification to a global audience without regard for their interests, values or beliefs. Apps have made it possible to understand users on another level, the kind of level that the social media giants have access to, the data that I call Gold Data.

Let me give you an example of a push notification with a controversial topic that contains information and intrigue.

BREXIT – A topic with a mixed bag of reactions topic, some are for, some are against, some are just really not interested, often it is those affected by it financially or emotionally that are deeply entrenched into the topic.

One of Expert Apps clients attracts an audience of Property Investors, we have been monitoring the levels of interest around the word Brexit, and it peaked at 88% of all active users.

We split tested this with another of our clients who have an App with an audience of Vegans the results showed 13% interested in Brexit related content.

With Expert Apps, you can segment users by

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Browsing history
  • Buying history
  • Values 

The Property Investors Test – Brexit 

Here is what happened within one hour of our client sent a push notification with the following title on a Sunday morning.

Here are the results of that one communication, Not bad for 9 am on a Sunday morning, eh?

Tip 2: A push notification is not a novel or a text message 

Use a limited number of words; the intended purpose of a push notification is to nudge the user, so do just that. 

Your content should be in what they land on, do not try to convey your message in verse; instead, hook the user. Shorter push notifications are much more effective. 

Tip 3: Recognise your advantage and don’t abuse it 

When an SMS message comes from a company, it can quite often be perceived as spam; it’s quite the opposite with push notifications as the user has opted to receive them and trusts their source. 

With the added benefit of no extra cost to you too as push notifications are free to send, but don’t get trigger happy or you will upset your users.

Let’s add some more context to this, on the same day as the Brexit article it’s now 2 pm, and my client had something they knew will pique the interest of the audience. It was a video on YouTube called 

“Mortgage Companies Won’t Touch This!” | Dragons’ Den

This video has seen over 350k views in one month and is an attention-grabbing headline, especially to those investing in Property. 

They asked for some advice; I am conscious that they recently pushed a news article, and there are members of the community who much prefer to consume video content than read articles. I am also aware that 88% of the community was responsive to the previous push about Brexit, which means the likely hood of the same audience getting two messages is very high. In this case, it’s a perfect thing as it demonstrates the diverse but yet relevant content in the app.

Here are the results one hour later. 

Tip 4: Personalise your content 

When you own an app, you are inviting prospects and clients to join you in your ‘virtual home’ imagine if this were your real house, you would not say ‘oi’ do you want a cup of tea? You would address the individuals by name.
If your software provider allows then I recommend using tags such as {name} {order} to give your users a 1-1 experience, this has proven to increase open rates by 60% 

Tip 5: Know the difference between Apple and Android

Push notifications are displayed differently by device, especially so by Apple & Google, so get versed on the different views on the user’s screen and where possible send different versions to your Apple users than your Google Android.

Tip 6: Use Emojis 👊

Emojis will at least 3 X your open rate.


Have you heard? 😮
{name} well done you are a winner🏆
Feeling Hungry 🍕
Your thoughts on Brexit? 🤔💭
You have a message from {Name} 📩

At Expert Apps, we have spent the last 18 months analysing this data laying the foundations for our clients so that we can help Experts grow their Expert Business.  

Taking the information, we have learned we are building a full 38 Module training syllabus free for our clients.  

You can access to module one free by visiting our next Webinar www.expertapps.online/webinar

Follow Expert Apps to stay in tune with our discoveries and how they impact your Expert Business. 

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