Looking back on Seedrs’ achievements from last year, it is clear to see that in the year of 2019 they are going to exceed their achievements from 2018, from having a 60% increase in investment from 2017 to 2018, you can only begin to imagine the further increase in 2019.

Being named the “Most Trusted” Global Equity Platform for that year, shows Seedr’s transparency, not only with their clients but also their investors.

In 2018, Seedrs’ had funded businesses from 12 countries, of which were across 17 different business sectors. Their investors came from 60 countries, and made over 72,500 investments.

They had 186 successful pitches with 28 fundraises of over £1 Million. Whilst having their biggest year ever when it comes to investment activity, as £195 Million was invested on the platform. The average amount per investment was over £2,675, resulting in over 72,500 investments made in 2018.
Seedrs had over 10,000 investor conversations with entrepreneurs.

Within the year of 2018, Seedrs won a number of awards such as; Industry Game Changer for the Growth Investor Awards, Finance Technology of the Year from the National Technology Awards, Equity Crowdfunding Platform of the Year in Europe from CorporateINTL Global Awards, and the Most Trusted Global Equity Crowdfunding Platform from the UK Excellence Awards.