1. Will your campaign be EIS!

Answer: YES

Explained: The first scheme, the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), is designed to encourage investment in qualifying early-stage growth-focused companies by providing investors with up to 30% of their investment back in income tax relief. Plus investors can defer up to 50% Capital Gains Tax until after the EIS investment matures. Loss relief can also be set against an investor’s Capital Gains Tax or income tax in the year of disposal or the previous year.

2. How do I invest

We are as excited as you to get this going, however, there is a process we must follow. We will go live in private mode first which allows our app licence holders and external investors, friends and associates to get in first. After this point, we will go live to the general public and if there are any shareholdings left then others can buy-in.

3. What is crowdfunding on Seedrs?

Expert Apps are heading for a rapid growth trajectory with big expansion plans and global reach. We are very proud of our achievement but this is all on a small budget, small team and from a standing start. We are ready to level up, expand the team and infrastructure.

We are very confident in our growth plans and when the time is right and the campaign is open we will invite people to buy shares and become shareholders.

4. What valuation is on the company?

We are not allowed to officially release this as of yet until we are live and then the pre-investment valuation will be shared. However, we can tell you it is now into 8 figures.

5. What are the next steps?

It’s a waiting game now, however as soon as we are in a position to do so, one of our team will be notifying all interested parties of the live link via email. If we don’t have your email address then simply fill in the contact form below to ensure you do not miss the private round.

6. How much can I invest?

At the moment zero, because the campaign is not running so we cannot invite you to get involved, however, it is no secret this has been coming and that Seedrs is our chosen platform so I can share the following information.

We have not decided on the minimum value, we are seeing counsel on this, we suspect it will be between £100-£250, as for the maximum we suspect this will be 500k as we would like to leave room for those who have written with the intent to get involved. We have a limit and once we hit it the fund will close.

Please note, if you have followed our journey and understand how tech shares can significantly rise and are looking to invest 25k upwards please make sure you send a letter of intent prior to going live for two reasons:

  • 1. It increases the traction on the campaign for Seedrs
  • 2. It avoids us having to pay fees.

You can email this to admin@expertapps.online

7. Will you allow an investment of the full amount outside of Seedrs for less equity or higher investment?

Unfortunately not. We have made the decision that we want our closest friends and supporters to benefit from the journey, it’s more to us than just money it’s a movement.