Founded in 2016 by Andrew O’Brien (CEO) and Francesca Hodgson (COO), GoodBox combines 4 crucial elements – hardware, software, payments and big data – to provide a fully integrated technology-based donation solution. GoodBox allows charities to capitalise on how we technologically organise our money today.

Goodbox has funded £6.5M to date, spread over 3 different rounds; pre-seed, seed and equity crowdfunding. The funding was received on the following timescales:

  • Pre-seed: November 25th 2016 = £697k
  • Seed: November 13th 2017 = £3.2M
  • Equity crowdfund: January 28th 2018 = £2.6M

The successful seedrs campaign successfully raised £2,644,420 to enable the company to further grow, with the use of proceeds being as follows:

• Direct box costs & capex £0.39m (17%) 
• Staff costs (including tech team & developers) £0.86m (35%) 
• Office, warehouse & distribution costs £0.1m (5%) 
• Marketing & PR costs £0.33m (14%) 
• R&D costs £0.48m (20%) 
• Other costs £0.24m (9%)

Seedrs successful raise was closed on 28th Jan 2018 enabling this company to push forward with a valuation of £8M.

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