Social Networking Apps
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Social Media is fast becoming saturated, leaving powerful messages watered down amongst clickbait, fake news and distractions.  Brands are left with no choice but to fight for attention, and this comes at a cost.

With massive volumes of social media content, and constantly-changing algorithms affecting the way your media is distributed, delivered and displayed, it is now not uncommon for you to reach only 1–2% of your audience unless you are ‘boosting’ and ‘promoting’ posts.. 

Social media platforms have been heading towards ‘pay to play’ for a long time, which in itself is a fair model, but when everyone is paying then the advertising costs will only rise. This problem is not going to away in a hurry, and the control will never be in the user’s hands.

With a Social Networking App Licence from Expert Apps you will control your own social networking app. We take care of all the ‘tech’ stuff that comes with running your own app, allowing you to serve your audience on a much deeper level than has ever been possible before.

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