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The Business

Expert Apps was formed in May 2018 with a business model that licences personal-brand social media apps to coaches, mentors, brands and industry experts.


From a standing start and 30k+ credit card debt, Expert Apps was bootstrapped by founders Darren Galvin & Danny Webster. The pair saw a first-year turnover of £253k and a GP of £125k with 44 clients.

Licences started selling when the company was formed in May 2018 at £4,200 when the product was the only prototype. Since then the licence fees have increased, and now stand at £25,000.

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Where are Expert Apps now?

With 44 active licence holders its time for the company to level up.
This will increase the CLTV to £123,000.

Snapshot Forecast

As an extremely conservative target, Expert Apps will have 300 clients by the end of their next three-year plan, with a total recurring revenue of £298,500 p/m and deposit sales of £900,000. Running costs of the business will be £166,000 pcm at the time of this target being met, providing a profit of £132,500 pcm.

Product Overview

Product Overview

We licence our social media mobile app technology to coaches, brands and industry experts enabling them to build independent, valuable and trusted communities. To watch the product overview, hit the button now!

Key Moments

Pictured with Lewis Howes & Nick James (Mentor) the man responsible from bringing Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more to the UK.

Pictured with Neil Patel, Forbes top ten marketer and the man who gave Darren & Danny the words of wisdom to enable this next chapter on their journey.

Founders Darren Galvin (Left) and Danny Webster (right) pictured in the Seedrs headoffice after meeting with account manger to setup campaign.

What is Seedrs and why should you invest?

We’ve made great inroads over the last year by creating a community of raving fans and onboarding 44 industry leaders to adopt our technology. With further investment, we plan to scale by further building on our sales, marketing and development teams, maintain and onboard more partnerships and continue to research into our global market potential. We’re very keen to take our learnings so far and continue to drive our success.

For more information, check out the articles below:


Expert Apps has sold licences in UK, Ireland and Holland, the business model can be taken to any country where the there is coaches mentors and internet.

The founding pair have already had interest in companies from the united states, and have received letters of intent for investment in to their Seedrs campaign.

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Why do expert apps stand out from the rest?

This page is a snapshot which is available publicly so all we can share is Expert Apps has put the yeast in the bread and it’s rising ahead of the competition who are missing the main ingredient which will be shared with serious investors.

Expert Apps and both the  founders have an impeccable reputation and social presence (mostly facebook) and have been recognised as determined individuals that deliver and honour all their commitments to stakeholders.

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A nice little sweetner. The APPreciation Party!

This is a private invite only event, a huge celebration for the first 200 investors that commit a minimum of £1,000 in to the crowd funding campaign which will entitle them to shares in our fast growing tech company.

Terms of entry
– First 200 only
– £1,000 minimum donation

You will be celebrating the raise of 1,000,000 and a new chapter for Expert Apps!

Dates and location TBC.

This is NOT pay for ticket event, this is only for the first 200 that have invested a minimum of £1,000 in to the Seedrs Campaign.

Maximum tickets per contribution is 2 for £2,000 i.e If you invest £25,000, whilst you will be in a great position with many shares, you will receive two tickets, not 25.

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