When my iPhone XS Max went off for repair, I was waiting nearly a week for it to come back and boy did I feel lost. The crazy thing is I have two phones so I was not without communication but I was without my apps!

This got me thinking, what would people be prepared to give up in order to keep their phone.

The first thing that came to mind was SEX, would people accept they could not have sex if it meant they could keep their phone, so I did some research and found some surveys, oh my, it goes deeper than just loss of sex!

People are willing to lose 1 of their 5 senses, or their pinky finger just so they could hang on to their phone.

Let’s take a look at the stats

(23%) would even sacrifice one of their five senses – touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste.”

Of the senses that would be sacrificed, smell was the most common (64%), followed by sight (12%), touch (12%), taste (10%) and hearing (3%).

Activities millennials said they would sacrifice to keep their smartphone were drinking (38%), travelling (16%), sex (15%) and lose a little finger (9%).

Admittedly the stats came from a study on millennials, and it doesn’t stop there

Other things millennials would give up to keep their phones include shoes (26%), their car (20%), favourite food (19%), central heating in winter (12%), stop going on holiday (16%) and seeing family and friends in person (6%).

We live in a world where technology is everywhere we look, theorists suspect we are evolving into a technological species, those that do not adopt technology are being left behind.

Tell me, what would you be prepared to give up to keep your phone?