Who Are We?

Connect, Engage and Retain

Founded in 2018 by Darren Galvin and Danny Webster. Expert Apps is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for businesses, coaches and niche entrepreneurs aiming to increase revenue, retention, referrals, reach and results (The 5 R’s).

We’re not just your average SaaS company, Expert Apps licence our SaaS technology to businesses, coaches and influencers. We take customization to another level, enabling you to choose from over 30 features such as social features events, groups, courses, calendars, quizzes, games and more to make it just right for your needs.

No matter where you are now, Expert Apps is ready to take you to the next level.

Meet some of our customers

Our leadership team

Founding CEO of Expert Apps, Darren continues to lead and innovate a world-class app software company, enabling businesses and brands to use apps to grow and connect with their users — on a deeper level than ever possible before.

Darren will support you in getting the results that others only dream of.


Following three years of helping others get massive results through technology, Danny founded Expert Apps together with Darren.

Danny is renowned for his ability to turn ideas into reality and create seamless products that use Al and automation to achieve results.

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